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ISIN (ISO 6166)


International Securities Identification Number

The International Securities Indentification Number (ISO 6166) is the recognized global standard for unique identification of financial instruments.

The ISIN code consists of a total of 12 characters as follows:

The first two characters are taken up by the alpha-2 country code as issued in accordance with the international standard ISO 3166 of the country where the issuer of securities, other than debt securities, is legally registered or in which it has legal domicile. For debt securities, the relevant country is the one of the ISIN-allocating NNA. In the case of depository receipts, such as ADRs, the country code is that of the organisation that issued the receipt,rather than instead of the one that issued the underlying security.

The next nine characters are taken up by the local numbering code of the security concerned. Where the national number consists of fewer than nine characters, zeros are inserted in front of the number so that the full nine spaces are used.

The final character is a check digit computed according to the modulus 10 “Double-Add-Double” formula.

For ISINs of OTC derivatives, which will be allocated by a single global numbering agency, the initial two digits will use a custom “EZ” code. The ISIN will be generated on a de novo basis, with no reference to previous or other codes.

Who issues the ISIN

In the case of securities, other than debt securities, in locales where a NNA recognised by ANNA operates, this organisation issues the ISIN for securities whose issuer is registered or domiciled in the country where the NNA operates. For debt securities the NNA who issues the ISIN is either one of the international securities clearing organisations or the responsible NNA in accordance with ISO 6166.

In the case of those countries where no NNA exists, a substitute agency allocates the number.

ANNA ISIN Lookup Service

ISINs as well as CFI (Classification of Financial Instruments) according to ISO 10962 and FISN (Financial Instrument Short Name) according to ISO 18774 are important reporting elements for several regulations such as MiFID II/MiFIR, MAR, EMIR, etc.

Through the ISIN LOOK-UP SERVICE the descriptive elements outlined in ISO 6166 Standard as well as the classification codes and description codes of financial instruments are made available for use by the market.

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